A Beautiful Collaboration

There is a myth the relations between Architects and Quantity Surveyors are somewhat, ruffled.

So let us set you straight. 

First things first; Architects have the skill and vision to design buildings, landscapes, dwellings considering sustainability, environment, location and of course their clients. 

Quantity Surveyors have the skill to quantify a build, to show the costs and risks and to evaluate the best course of action including savings where possible. 

So, two quite distinct roles. But what a powerful team they make! 

By working together from the start of a project enables both parties to find the best course of action for the client. 

The Quantity Surveyor can offer up-to-date market prices as well as contribute a great wealth of suppliers appropriate for the project. Once costs are reviewed and discussed with the Architect, the Architect can then prepare their designs accordingly and manage their clients’ expectations from the get-go. 

This is such a key factor when starting a project, often clients have Ferrari expectations on BMW budgets. Aligning their expectations within the budget often mitigates many wasted weeks of futile designs and disappointed clients. 

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Having worked with many architects, we know the common challenge that each of them endure is ‘time’. All Architects want to do is focus on their passion, to be able to design and create. They don’t want to be researching material costs, market fluctuations, supplies availability. To be able to focus purely on the design and leave the time-consuming jobs to the Quantity Surveyor makes for a more sophisticated  project, happier client, and a winning project team. 

So, there you have it, myth busted. Architects and Quantity Surveyors do get on and would go so far to say they like each other! 

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