Beware the Bandit Proprietor

Have you done your due diligence?

It is so important when project managing your development to hire quality trades people and to do your due diligence as the responsible proprietor to find out that your chosen tradesperson/people are accredited and follow protocol. 

Websites such as  and offer a search of accredited engineers and companies making it accessible for you to find legitimate tradespeople. 

It is also for the Project Manager to check contractors are experienced in the relevant field or certified; this is something we at Syndicate Group Southern strive to achieve when hiring for a development project on behalf of our clients. 

Recently I read an article on how a couple and their family moved into a hotel after their rental home was declared unsafe to live in. 

The family had been renting a four-bedroom property since 2018 and had reported to the proprietor of multiple failures with the electrics including tripping when the shower was used. They received no resolve. 

Then in 2021 landlords had to obtain an EICR (electrical installation condition report) for each of their properties. After carrying out the EICR on this family’s rented home the following was found;  

“The gas, water and electrics were not bonded. The shower had no isolators and were on the same circuit as the lights and a pipe was leaking gas under the kitchen floor.” 

The electrician declared ‘risk of life’ was too great so hence the family were moved out. 

It is unthinkable to think in this day of age that there are bandit proprietors out there who give no thought to their tenants and their wellbeing and continue to house people in dangerous homes. 

I can only think that the bandit landlord who put that family in danger drinks Horlicks at night! 

If you need advice with any of your project developments then give us a call, we are more than happy to help. 

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