Do You Feel You Can Challenge Your Designer?

When starting your property development and you turn to your expert team to advise on the best course of action are you confident enough to question their advice?

Question people

You may not be an expert, but you may notice a feature that does not work for you, or you spot a detail that does not look quite right, would you challenge your designer about it? Or would you assume that they are the expert so surely, they know what is best, right?

Being able to challenge designs with your designer and feel comfortable that they will consider your feedback, acknowledge observations, and give rational answers back without any animosity makes for a winning team.

This is the difference between having a team around you and having a ‘great’ team around you.

Building relations with your team is so important when running a project. Your property development may run for years. Having a team behind you to help and guide you on your investment is not to be underestimated! It benefits communications, planning, costs and fundamentally reduces stress for all parties involved.

Having that type of relationship with your team of experts makes for a more efficient project, so Yes! Do question your designer, it is your property, your project, and your effort so never be afraid to ask questions and challenge your experts.

If you have a question or want to run something by us regarding your project then get in touch today, we’d be happy to listen to you.

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