What do you need to plan to start your own build?

Is your project just about to blast off?

Space Hub Sutherland, a £17.3m satellite launch project, is underway with its survey team studying soil and bedrock at the 4.2 hectare site to plan for foundation designs, access roads and buildings, spaceport control centre and a launch pad. An extensive project and of its first in the UK to happen.

So how does this compare to you starting your own project build?

Well, you may not need to seek grazing rights to keep cattle 690 hectares from an exclusion zone during rocket launches but you will need to do extensive surveys for your project. Preparing for your build requires thorough research and evaluation to keep your project on track and on budget.

Planning for foundations, reviewing access roads, estimating build costs, reporting, risk analysis, scheduling of materials are all elements that need reviewing no matter the size. This is all before you even break ground on your site.

By not planning properly you could risk getting into financial difficulty or delaying your project by months even years.

If you’re about to embark on your own build adventure but can’t see the satellites for the stars then contact us at Syndicate Group Southern and we will help your project to launch successfully.

Find out more about the Space Hub Sutherland here


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